Codemasters gets tarmac creative with DS' Race Driver

Race 32 real-world circuits or just design your own

Codemasters gets tarmac creative with DS' Race Driver

The problem with getting professional drivers to design racing circuits is they use the power to create something that works for their driving style. It's thanks to Mr Michael 'More Pole Positions Than Anyone Else' Schumacher (and his chum Hermann Tilke), that Formula 1 is now dominated by loads of new 'No Overtaking Please' tracks.

Codemasters' Race Driver: Create & Race should put a stop to their game, however, handing you the ability to craft your own twisty little passages â€" more Spa-Francorchamps than the Bahrain International Circuit we hope â€" and then barge around them in touring cars including the Koenig GT, AMG Mercedes C Klasse DTM, and the Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Codemasters will also provide 32 real-world circuits â€" from Silverstone and the Nuerburgring (whether it's the pre-1984 version we don't know), to Bathurst â€" to provide inspiration. Further championships and cars can be unlocked as you complete the main World Tour mode.

The track editor part of the game will, of course, use the touchscreen and stylus to let you select and place pre-created track pieces such as such as hairpin corners, long straights and chicanes to design unique circuits. These can then be saved to the game cartridge for future use, including four-way multiplayer using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Still at the tuning stage, Race Driver: Create & Race should be available for circuit-side tweaking sometime this summer.