Puzzlings out now on mobile

Match three, but not as you know it

Puzzlings out now on mobile
| Puzzlings

Connect2Media has just launched Puzzlings onto mobile networks across the world, bringing the hit iPhone match three title to Java-enabled handsets.

Described by our own Jon Jordan as ‘an evolved version of Bejeweled’, Puzzlings is all about lining up coloured blocks so that they match up in groups of three.

Unlike more blatant copies of the most popular match-three games, Puzzlings introduces some interesting concepts that see you able to designate and flip square groups of blocks.

There are also circle blocks that need to be lined up before the timer fills up completely, as well as a ton of customisation options for your puzzling that can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

We’ll be reviewing Puzzlings for mobile very soon, so keep your browser matched up to the Pocket Gamer website.