Gold Award-winning endless-brawler Punch Quest kicks off on the Google Play Store

Watch out for gnomes

Gold Award-winning endless-brawler Punch Quest kicks off on the Google Play Store
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There was a time when no work got done in the Pocket Gamer office because we were all too busy trying to beat one another's high scores on Punch Quest.

So, you can only imagine how happy our senior management team were when they heard that Super Stickman Golf dev Noodlecake Studios was working on an Android port of RocketCat and Madgarden's Gold Award-winning iOS endless-puncher.

Well, Punch Quest for Android is now here... and there's a very real danger that the site's going to grind to a halt all over again.

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If you're not familiar with the game, it's a highly addictive union of the endless-runner and the side-scrolling brawler genres.

So, you stomp through a never-ending dungeon, jumping and punching in order to destroy anything and everything that gets in your way.

More, more, more

You'll unlock new powers and attacks as you biff more and more skeletons in the skull, until you eventually turn into the ultimate punching badass.

Sometimes, you even get to ride on the back of a laser-spewing dinosaur.

Punch Quest is available from the Google Play Store right now for 63p [buy]. This is a bargain in anyone's book. Including in my one.

Oh, and if you need any tips on how to punch better than everyone else, check out these hints straight from the developer's mouth.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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