New items, a new mode, and more in big update to Gold Award-winning Punch Quest

Going free for the holidays, too

New items, a new mode, and more in big update to Gold Award-winning Punch Quest
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Here at Pocket Gamer, we have a healthy punch-based rivalry going on.

Oh, no, not that PG Fight Club thing down in the basement. That's not healthy at all.

No, we're talking Punch Quest. For the past three or four weeks, you see, the staff here at PG Towers have been engaging in furious bouts of high score one-upmanship in Madgarden's insanely addictive iPhone and iPad fist-'em-up.

To feed our appetite for more Punch Quest, its dev has just issued a massive update to its endless-runner / brawler hybrid.

This... is... Spartan!

Top billing goes to Spartan Mode. In it, you begin with diddly squat. No powers, no skills, nothing. A range of upgrades and skills are scattered throughout the level, though, and it's your job to find them. Natch.

Aside from the new gameplay mode, Punch Quest now contains "very expensive" Ultra Belts. Fingers crossed we'll see some Ultra Socks in the next update, dahling.

Unfortunately, this top-drawer game has suffered financially since its release. As a result, its makers are still trying to find the best balance between your earning and paying your way through the game.

To that end, Madgarden and RocketCat have made a few adjustments to the prices of in-shop items and in-app purchases.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, Punch Quest is free again... if only for a little while.

"Merry Fistmas", indeed! Ahem.

Jeremy Thackray
Jeremy Thackray
After spending three years being told how brilliant literature is, Jeremy occasionally gets confused between games and worthy old novels. He is eagerly anticipating Nintendo's collaboration with Tolstoy on Super War and Peace Land.