Professor Layton anime getting western release

This reminds me of a puzzle

Professor Layton anime getting western release

DS, head scratching puzzler Professor Layton has followed in the footsteps of Kirby, Devil May Cry, and Pokemon by receiving a Japanese anime based on its video game exploits.

The first film, titled Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, is set after the events of the fourth Professor Layton game (we haven't even got number three over here) and sees Layton's stalwart apprentice Luke searching for the key to eternal life.

The only puzzle for anime studio OLM, Inc. was how to cash in once the movie saw critical and financial success in Japan. The production company has a sequel in the works, as well as a live action movie.

And now Manga Entertainment, a distributor of anime in the west, has picked up the film for a straight-to-DVD and Blu-Ray release in the UK this September.

The news comes from Manga's Twitter account, which also says the Professor Layton flick will feature an English dub and will be screened at the National Film Theatre on May 22nd.