Level 5 announces Professor Layton 4

It's the start of a second series

Level 5 announces Professor Layton 4

Japanese developer Level 5 today announced that a second series of the popular Professor Layton DS games is in production.

The original series has performed extremely well for Nintendo, with its mixture of taxing puzzles and a charming vintage-cartoon art style.

The first in the new series will include a new female sidekick named Remi, who will join original members Layton and Luke on an adventure set a few years before the events of the first game. In the new story, it appears that Luke has knowledge of how the world is going to end.

Professor Layton 4 is set for a November 26th release in Japan, but as we haven’t even seen the second game on these shores yet we’re likely to be in for quite a wait for a western release.