New Professor Layton trilogy coming to the DS

Autumn release for Japan, no word for the rest of us

New Professor Layton trilogy coming to the DS

Professor Layton has been something of a saviour for the DS in 2008. Although we've only seen The Curious Village, our Japanese gaming brethren have enjoyed a full trilogy of period puzzling, and together the games have proven to be some of the bestselling titles ever seen on Nintendo's handheld.

So it shouldn't be a massive surprise that Japanese ultra-gaming magazine Famitsu has announced a whole new trilogy of games starring the eponymous Professor and his sidekick Luke.

The new series will begin in the Autumn with Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute. The subsequent games have yet to have any details revealed, but we can only hope this ushers Nintendo and Level 5 to get the two existing Japanese games (The Devil's Box and The Final Time Journey) translated and released over here.