Princess on Ice DS screenshots for you to judge

Portable ice dancing game glides ever closer

Princess on Ice DS screenshots for you to judge
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Ice skating is sort of topical at the moment. Well, for us anyway as we fill countless boring Sunday evenings watching Suzanne Shaw cracking her ankle and Greg Rusedski falling on his face in ITV's Dancing on Ice.

And these first Princess on Ice screenshots from 505 Games are sort of reminding us of the TV programme – due to the game having a line-up of judges shown on the top DS screen as you perform. Though, thankfully, none of them look similar to the weasel-like Jason Gardiner.

It looks like they do put on appropriately impressed or despairing facial expressions, however, depending on how well you're doing in a performance.

As detailed in our previous news story, pirouettes and jumps are pulled off by tapping onscreen icons in the right order as they appear, and a bar on the top screen indicates how many points you need to notch up to beat your rival.

We continue to be relatively interested in this, even if the word 'princess' in the title has us thinking it's just going to be another game to further boost the already plentiful assortment of pink in game shop DS sections at moment. But, you never know; maybe our fears will turn out to be unfounded.

After all, if executed properly, there's no reason the dynamic at the core of the experience shouldn't work if backed up appropriately by the game's other elements. So it could end up being the perfect game to ease our inevitable Dancing on Ice withdrawal symptoms when released in April.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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