Princess Farmer, the match-3 visual novel, is coming to iOS and Android early next week

Princess Farmer, the match-3 visual novel, is coming to iOS and Android early next week
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Whitethorn Games and Samobee Games have just announced that their match-3 visual novel game, Princess Farmer will soon releasing for iOS and Android. The game is already available on other major platforms like PC, consoles, and Nintendo Switch, but soon it'll become more portable than ever.

Princess Farmer is a match-3 puzzler that gives players the feel of flipping through a visual novel. Like most games of the genre, there isn’t too much of a learning curve as all the action mechanics and play styles are quite simple. Of course, those going out of their way for a challenge will find that too.

The game deals with the story of your average farmer who one day wakes up under the mystical Gaia Tree. Mother Gaia uses her powers to grant the Princess Farmer the ability to select rows of vegetables and then match them to get rid of obstacles. The levels can be tackled solo, co-op, or even with an AI buddy.

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Through the game, players will be able to gather Heart Coins which can be exchanged for different Hair Dyes with outfits being unlocked by the various dialogue options. Players can enjoy all this matching while listening to relaxing lo-fi beats. And the best part is that your friends needn’t be on mobile only, as players from all platforms can play together and simultaneously make dialogue choices in the open world.

If you're interested in exploring Princess Farmer’s story then you can download the game now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. For more information, visit the official website and join their official Twitter page to receive all the latest updates about the game before everyone else. Princess Farmer releases on January 31st.

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