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Populus Run, the new endless runner for Apple Arcade, is out today

Populus Run, the new endless runner for Apple Arcade, is out today
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Game developer FIFTYTWO is releasing Populus Run today on Apple Arcade. That’s not to be confused with the classic Bullfrog game, Populous, which we’re all hoping makes a comeback one day.

This is a bit more unconventional than your average endless runner. To start with, instead of controlling a single character you’re moving a whole group down the lane. You need to run, jump and slide your way through the levels by controlling everyone, ensuring that they can make it past each obstacle just fine.

The usual quirks of the runner genre are still on display here though. You’re dodging and evading various hazards such as giant doughnuts, large vehicles and big pinballs, and you need to do this while ensuring you’re keeping as many people standing as possible.

Check out this trailer for Populus Run to see how chaotic some of these levels can get, as well as a closer look at the characters. The big sentient strawberry might be my favourite design so far.

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Additionally, there are boss levels that add some extra challenge to the game. These big fellas take on the form of giant food items such as burgers and doughnuts. If you manage to complete them you can win secret characters to add to your team.

You can download Populus Run from the iOS App Store today. It’s available through Apple Arcade, the iOS premium subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of exclusive titles for a monthly fee of $4.99. For more information, check out the official website.

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