E3 2008: Populous DS confirmed for European release

PC classic gets re-imagined for Nintendo's handheld

E3 2008: Populous DS confirmed for European release
| Populous DS

Remember this? We found out landmark god game Populous was being planned for DS late last year but have heard nothing about a European release since.

Well, thank Molyneux (not literally) for publisher Rising Star, because it's just announced the game is coming. But not until early 2009.

The DS game is a re-imagination of the classic PC title, featuring touchscreen controls that "utilise the dual-screens", says the press release, you have to manipulate five elemental-loving gods – each with their own set of miracles – throughout an extensive single-player campaign. (You can find out a few more details in our original Populous DS story.)

There's also a wireless multiplayer option, of course, where up to four power-hungry chums get to unleash earthquakes, tidal waves and raging volcanoes on each other's lands. Charming.