Pokemon Duel gets a balance update on iOS and Android tomorrow

It's starting to come together

Pokemon Duel gets a balance update on iOS and Android tomorrow
| Pokemon Duel

It feels like absolutely ages since we talked about Pokemon Duel. The last time I took a butcher at it, it was an unsolvable mess, but it's come a long way since then, and now we've got a balance update coming tomorrow.

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Pokemon Duel is a strategic board game in which you build up your deck of Pokemon figures and try to be the first into your opponent's goal. It may sound simple, but it's all about the journey as you pick and choose your best course of action.

In tomorrow's balance update, a number of Steel and Rock-type Pokemon will be getting a bit of a tweak to their moves and stats.

  • Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Rhyhorn, and Magnemite
    • Decrease size of 'Miss' bar.

  • Armaldo
    • Added Aqua Jet.

    • Iron Tail's damage increased from 40 to 70.

    • Decrease size of 'Miss' bar.

    • Ability Battle Armour replaced with Swift Swim.

  • Skarmony
    • Increase Steel Wing Piece size.

    • Remove one Air Cutter piece and replaced it with the smaller Swords Dance.

  • Aggron
    • Metal Claw replaced with Roar.

    • Iron Tail's damage increase from 90 to 120.

    • Counter replaced with Heavy Slam.

Despite the fact that our review team initially decided against scoring the game, the average ratings on the App Store and Google Play look promising for its future. Let's hope it keeps improving.