3D fantasy MMO Pocket Legends a reality on iPad

Massively multiplayer RPG just in time for iPad launch

3D fantasy MMO Pocket Legends a reality on iPad
| Pocket Legends

Racers, platformers, and puzzle games are expected for any games platform launch, but Pocket Legends proves that iPad is something different.

A 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game built specifically for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, it marks a daring new dimension for the multifunctional devices.

Developer Spacetime Studios has crafted Pocket Legends with portability and ease of use in mind, taking advantage of the touchscreen for simple touch controls and a minimal heads-up display.

Unlike previous efforts to bring the genre to portable platforms that focus on menu-based gameplay, Pocket Legends is the real deal with comic 3D visuals and a layered combat system of special abilities and skills.

Naturally, player customisation plays a huge role. You're able to create a character of your liking and unlock new goodies as you complete quests on your own or within a party of up to five players.

Different characters include the Elf Enchantress, avian Archer, or Ursan Warrior. Each possesses unique abilities that can be upgraded with every level earned.

New equipment, levels, and environments will be made available for optional purchase from within the game.

Pocket Legends is available now for iPad for free; the iPhone and iPod touch version is expected soon.