Episodic iPhone game Pocket God coming to Facebook

Poke a Pygmy

Episodic iPhone game Pocket God coming to Facebook
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Bolt Creative’s episodic iPhone game Pocket God is getting out of the pocket as it makes the transition from the smartphone to the social network. A free Facebook edition of the game is coming soon, Mashable reports.

The iPhone game has you looking after the wellbeing of a group of primitive islanders. You could be a benevolent deity, offering up a pleasant life for your followers. Or you could be a vengeful jerk, chucking your disciples around and zapping them with lightning.

You’ll have the same omnipotent powers when the app hits Facebook, but with a social flair. You'll be able to ask a pal to join in, and terrorise your pygmies together. And it'll be easier than ever to show off your accomplishments and achievements, as you pimp your progress on your wall.

Pocket God, which has racked up over three million sales on iPhone and has just released its 35th episode of content, will go into closed beta on Facebook this November.