Playman partners up with Honda for free game

Run and get Fit

Playman partners up with Honda for free game
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| Playman Extreme Running

RealArcade has revealed its next Playman game at Mobile World Congress.

Unfortunately it's not a new game, but it is good news for fans of free stuff as Playman Extreme Running is set to be re-released as an ad-funded title with embedded visuals promoting car maker Honda.

The publisher is hoping the new commercial partnership will assist in introducing the game's popular character to a wider audience.

Six levels of the parkour action game we loved enough to bestow a Gold Award upon when released last year will be available. As players somersault and jump around the game's cities, they'll pass billboard ads for the Honda Fit, as well as sit through a few more during the game's 'natural breaks'.

Hopefully not for too long, though, as we just want to get on with that crazy extreme running action we can't get enough of.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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