30fps racing on a mobile with Planet Riders 3D

The phone fan's answer to F-Zero X?

30fps racing on a mobile with Planet Riders 3D

Is Planet Riders 3D the fastest and most thrilling racing game ever seen on mobile?

Yes, according to its creator, Fishlabs. No great surprise perhaps, but Fishlabs certainly has previous in the field: Planet Riders 3D is its 10th high-end mobile game to date.

In this latest one, you take on pilots from across the solar system on orbital high-speed tracks. There are no rules – nothing as gentlemanly as 'don't kill your rivals', say – and laser guns, heat-seeking missiles and mines at your disposal. You'll also find six teams comprising 12 jets waiting to be raced across ten different planets, and four game modes – time attack, single race, tournament, Bluetooth multiplayer.

"With Planet Riders 3D, once again we can prove that a console-like gaming experience on mobile devices is not just another marketing buzz word," claims Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs. "Planet Riders 3D features 3D graphics running smoothly with up to 30 frames per second, even at QVGA resolution."

Planet Riders 3D is out now.