Plague Inc: The Cure update is arriving soon and the developers are looking for beta testers

Previous experience with Plague Inc seems essential

Plague Inc: The Cure update is arriving soon and the developers are looking for beta testers

All the way back in March, Plague Inc saw a surge in popularity around the start of worldwide lockdowns because of COVID-19. This inspired developer Ndemic Creations to make an update where players would instead be able to save the world from an outbreak rather than trying to end it.

This update will be the biggest to arrive in the game since it first released and will be called Plague Inc: The Cure. It's set to arrive for iOS and Android soon with no set release date available just yet. However, if you'd like to get involved, Ndemic is currently looking for beta testers.

To register your interest to get involved, head on over to the related Google Form and fill it in. The developers are clearly in search of players who are familiar with Plague Inc since one of the questions on the form asks what their favourite disease type in the game is and to explain why.

As mentioned, Plague Inc: The Cure will essentially be a reverse version of the usual game mode, where players will look to save the world by taking on the role of an international health organisation. There will be several options at their disposal to fight against the disease.

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This will include keeping a lookout for outbreaks, tacking the spread and attempting to locate patient zero. Players will also need to raise awareness during the crisis whilst looking to slow the disease whilst still maintaining authority.

Plague Inc is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It costs $0.99 on iOS with IAPs whilst the Android version is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

Stephen Gregson-Wood
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