Plague Inc. spreading to Android courtesy of Miniclip

I don't feel so good...

Plague Inc. spreading to Android courtesy of Miniclip
| Plague Inc.

The iOS disease-'em-up Plague Inc. - one of our Top 10 iPhone and iPad games of June 2012 - will soon be heading to Android, having been picked up for publication by Miniclip.

The game works in a similar fashion to Flash favourite Pandemic ('very' similar, some might say), in that your aim isn't to save the human race from invasion or extinction, but to actively destroy it via a deadly pathogen.

It's not quite as simple as sitting back and watching the world burn [I hear some people like that sort of thing - meme Ed], as you'll need to constantly modify your virus in order to overcome any defences and events that may render your creation impotent.

The Android version of the title is expected to 'infect' Google Play "in just a few weeks", so it's worth keeping an eye out for this one.

iPhone version of Plague Inc. pictured above.