Plague Inc. introduces 'Mega Brutal' difficulty, adds four new scenarios in latest update

Bodaciously brutal bugs abound

Plague Inc. introduces 'Mega Brutal' difficulty, adds four new scenarios in latest update
| Plague Inc.

The Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning strategy sim Plague Inc. has released an update full of tricks, tweaks, and traps for the virus-loving faithful to dig their infected little hooks into.

Version 1.8 starts off with a treat for old hands at the game - a new "Mega-Brutal" difficulty mode for players who are eager to experience the toughest challenges that Plague Inc. has to offer.

Joining Mega-Brutal are three new cheat modes designed at shaking up your Plague Inc. experience. The first - shuffle strain - mixes up all evolutions in a game, while the second - turbo strain - starts your country off at a 100 per cent infection rate. The final cheat mode - lucky dip strain - gives you five random evolutions at the outset of a game.

And yes, you can use any or all of these cheats on any plague type.

Under the weather?

But that's just the tip of the disease-ridden iceberg.

Version 1.8 also introduces four new scenarios that challenge players to infect the world with a 30,000 year old virus - or to survive in a world with artificial organs.

These scenarios come with the usual update goodies like new achievements / events, performance enhancements for all devices, and the ever-popular bug fixes.

In our review of Plague Inc., we called it "a smart, deliciously demented antidote to traditional strategy gaming" for its combination of strategy gameplay with "twisted bio-horror" elements.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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