Plague Inc. gets download boost amid Ebola scare

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Plague Inc. gets download boost amid Ebola scare
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Downloads of the Pandemic-like virus simulator Plague Inc. have been boosted in recent weeks, amongst the fervour surrounding the Ebola virus.

According to MailOnline, downloads in the last week were 50 percent greater than the week before. Not the biggest bump the game's ever seen, says creator James Vaughan, but "I think this is the first time a real world situation has been the reason why people are getting the game".

While some have criticised Plague Inc. for being too morbid, the game has been praised by the United States's Center for Disease Control (CDC, aka "that place they blew up in The Walking Dead") because it "engages the public on serious public health topics".

Vaughan told the Mail that he's in the process of giving some of the bonus proceeds to relevant charities.

If you would like to pretend infect the world with Ebola (or GamerGate or Your Mum) you can get the game for 69p / 99c on iOS and free on Android. We called it "the most fun you can have destroying civilisation".

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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