Plague Inc. breaks iOS quarantine to infect Android handsets


Plague Inc. breaks iOS quarantine to infect Android handsets
| Plague Inc.

Highly contagious virus-nurturing sim Plague Inc. has escaped the App Store quarantine and begun to infect Android handsets worldwide.

In this bacteriological take on the end of days, you manufacture diseases in order to rid the globe of its pesky, queue-jumping, litter-dropping, The X Factor-watching populace.

First, pick the country you want to contaminate with your blanket of smallpox, then sit back and watch as the coughing begins.

To improve the effectiveness of your super-bug, Plague Inc. lets you spend DNA points on boosting the infection rate and mutating your plague.

This allows you to tailor your disease to produce even more disgusting and degrading symptoms. Our deputy editor wiped out the whole of South America with farts. Oh, the humanity.

If you checked your conscience at the door of the science lab, why not contaminate your Android handset with the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Plague Inc. [download], available for free from Google Play now.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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