Pipe Mania demo hits PSP Store

Get five flooze-filled levels for free

Pipe Mania demo hits PSP Store
| Pipe Mania

Head over to the Playstation Store today and you'll see Empire has kindly put up a free Pipe Mania demo for download.

The demo gives you five levels to play through so you can see just how this update of the pipe-constructing puzzle classic will play on PSP. They include some basic pipe levels and a railroad, attack and arcade level.

Pipe Mania will feature over 250 levels in total, spread across five action modes. As well as having the addictive pipe-slotting gameplay of the original PC game, it also introduces some new features, such as electricity levels, different playable characters and even the odd fire-breathing clockwork dinosaur (read our interview with its developers here for more).

It's due for release on September 26th - in the meantime, you'll find the new demo here.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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