New Pictoplay Plus mobile game outlined

Drawing conclusions from Digital Chocolate's Pictionary variation

New Pictoplay Plus mobile game outlined
| Pictoplay Plus

Although the iPhone could probably handle a Pictionary style of game, it's difficult to imagine how an ordinary mobile phone might handle it.

The boffins at Digital Chocolate have made a bold move to realise that concept in Pictoplay Plus, however.

By taking the pencil from your hand and putting it into the game system's, Pictoplay Plus quickly overcomes the obvious graphical stumbling block. A silhouette is gradually revealed on the screen, and it's up to you to guess what's being drawn as quickly as possible.

So any well-practiced text messagers out there should be pretty quick on the draw when it comes to hammering out a guess at what's being drawn, while those of us with two left thumbs might well struggle to beat the clock.

Either way, it sounds like another interesting casual title
from the chocolate factory, so hit 'Track It!' to catch our imminent review.