Pictionary goes mobile

EA Mobile will test how quick you are on the draw

Pictionary goes mobile
| Pictionary

Pictionary wasn't a game so much as an opportunity for stand-up comedy in my household. Most of that comedy being derived from my woeful attempts to draw a sheep / horse / dog, or indeed anything else with four legs.

Now EA Mobile is set to bring back a host of humiliating memories with its mobile version of Pictionary. The basic aim is still to scribble pictures against the clock, but it's got a host of game modes, including pass-the-phone multiplayer.

The basic Solo mode will see you playing against the handset, where you have to guess what the phone is drawing as quickly as possible – only five wrong answers are allowed per game.

Battle mode lets you and some friends play on the same handset, competing to guess the phone's drawings in the shortest time.

Finally, there's Party mode, where up to six players get to draw and guess in turn. To draw pics, you get to use a pencil or paint bucket, while changing brush sizes and colours at will.

There's also an in-game tutorial to sharpen up your illustration skills, and a Free Draw Mode that lets you draw, well, freely. You can use the results as your phone's wallpaper, or send them to friends via MMS or Bluetooth if your handset is capable of it.

Pictionary is out now, and we'll have a review shortly. In words, that is, not pictures.