More details on Phantomgate, Netmarble’s upcoming adventure RPG based on Norse mythology

No Norse-ing around

More details on Phantomgate, Netmarble’s upcoming adventure RPG based on Norse mythology

In our last preview of this 2D side-scrolling adventure game, we looked closely at how Phantomgate is mixing this style of presentation with its own riff on turn-based battles, as well as going deep into the story. Now sitting just a couple weeks away from release, we thought we’d dish the details regarding more about what the game has in-store for players.

Exploring the lay of the land

The deeper into Phantomgate you progress, the more its world will eventually begin to open up to you. That’s pretty normal for this type of game, right? Yet, here the way you move through it continues to change as Astrid gains more abilities and unlocks new areas. Players will quickly become familiar with Phantomgate’s 2D landscapes, running, jumping through it, before finally gaining the power to levitate.

Levitation is controlled via an intuitive combination of drag and tap controls on your smart phone screen, letting you breeze past previous areas you’ve been to without dwindling. Careful though, you’re sure to encounter various obstacles as you progress further, requiring you to carefully think about solutions and wisely use items you’ve collected from defeated enemies.

Unlock the past’s secrets with memory fragments

We mentioned last time that the reason why Astrid is looking to take the fight to the Norse god Odin, is due to him imprisoning her mother. This is what sparks the adventure at hand, yes, but players can learn more about Astrid’s relationship with her mother by way of what’s known as memory fragments littered around Phantomgate’s world.

These memory fragments look and sound like glistening orbs made of sparkling light – not too difficult to miss even between exploration and enemy battles. The more you find, the more you’ll learn about the underlying story. Find enough fragments and you’ll be able to open up portals known as 'phantom gates.'

Over 300 phantoms

What’s a good RPG without little creatures to collect? Fear not, as Phantomgate has got players covered with their own selection of sidekick monsters, and these are the phantoms themselves. There are over 300 distinct types to seek out and collect, all of which can be evolved and improved the more you allow them to fight by your side in the game.

You’ll need to earn your companion creatures, however, as the only way you can gain phantoms is by battling their original masters: enemies spread about the world. Astrid does begin her adventure with her own phantom called Mini-Ming, a feline chum that will help you in the early stages. In the later areas, though, you’ll be glad you have a couple more in your party.

Adapt and evolve

Speaking of phantoms, when they evolve it’s worth noting that it isn’t just their stats that will change, but their appearance too! As a sneaky tease Mini-Ming will gain a groovy set of headphones, for example, that is unless you’d prefer her to wear a crown. Phantomgate lets you express yourself through a myriad of varied phantom evolutions – will you be able to see them all?

Lastly, depending on your choices, phantoms in your party can inherent different elements which can aid you in battle. Wind, Earth, and Water are just some of those present in the game, and these can change between each phantom’s evolution. Alongside Astrid herself, your phantoms are always becoming better-equipped to save the day.

Are you well-prepared to embark on Astrid’s mysterious journey? There isn’t too much longer to wait. Look forward to when Netmarble’s Phantomgate releases on iOS and Android later this month.