Pocket Gamer Awards 2022

About the Pocket Gamer Awards 2022

The Pocket Gamer Awards are a celebration of the best in mobile games, from the publishers of the leading and longest-running mobile games website. Since 2006, Pocket Gamer has been delivering news, reviews, tips, guides and features that inform and entertain mobile and handheld gamers around the world.

Organised by industry experts but voted on by you, the gamers, the Pocket Gamer Awards reward the passion and effort that developers pour into making games. The last 12 months were strange but we've also seen some amazing games come our way.

The process unfolds in three stages. Here’s how it works:


We reveal the categories and invite the world – that includes you – to nominate their favourite game in each category. This process lasts until October 31st and helps us build the longlist. If you need inspiration, please look back through the Pocket Gamer archives! Any game that’s come out since 1 October 2021 through to 30 September 2022 is eligible.


We total up the responses and make sure nothing important has been missed. From this, we will create a shortlist. We’ll reveal that shortlist right here at the start of November. You’ll then have all of November to vote on the shortlist. Make your voice heard by picking who you want to win each category! This shortlist voting process will stay open through all of November.

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On the 13th of December 2022, we will reveal which games have been voted for by you, the mobile gaming public, for celebration and awards.

There will also be an induction into our Hall Of Fame category, an honour which will be dished out by the editorial team.

If your memory needs jogging, please check out our Game Finder (you can sort by most recent additions).

Please note: this is a different set of categories to the Mobile Games Awards, our partner celebration run by our friends at, which rewards behind-the-scenes industry talent.