The best Halloween updates to your favourite iOS and Android games (2016)

Spooks you, sir

The best Halloween updates to your favourite iOS and Android games (2016)

Halloween is here, but you're not the only one who is dressing up for the holiday. Your favourite iOS and Android games have also put on a spooky (and/or sexy) costume to celebrate.

Here are some of the best Halloween updates for some of the best mobile games out there.

Steppy Pants SP

This silly walking game gets a new Haunted Woods area, where you are stalked at every step by a monster. You can also unlock new Scarecrow, Reaper, Werewolf, Vampire, and Witch costumes.

Rodeo Stampede Rodeo

Giraffe riding simulator Rodeo Stampede has seen all its areas decked out in Halloween props. Plus, there are four spooky animals to find.

Ski Safari 2 Ski Safari

Ski Safari takes a break from snow, to give you a Halloween hill to race down. You're chased by a giant jack o'lantern but you should be able to get away with your spooky new costumes and boards.

Fruit Ninja Fruit

As usual, this strawberry slash 'em up has got a holiday update. There's a new Halloween tournament, a Candle Graveyard dojo where you're forced to play in the dark, and a Bat Blade which, well, you'll have to wait and see.

Dan the Man Dan the Man

This game just came out but it already has a big Halloween update with a new daily challenge where you fight off zombies and skeletons. You can also get into the holiday spirit by dressing Dan up as a monster.

Plants vs Zombies 2
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PvZ is always pretty scary, what with the zombies and the brain eating. But it's extra creepy now with the Lawn of Doom event, which is returning from last year. It adds Witch Hazel, Ghost Pepper, and Jack O' Lantern units - plus, the plants and zombies have dressed up in goofy costumes.

Bridge Constructor Bridge

Yes, even games about civil engineering projects can get spooky. Don't spook shame. You get five new levels, and the new Coach of the Dead which is surprisingly heavy for a horse-drawn carriage containing a bunch of old bones.

Subway Surfers Subway

Subway Surfers is always good for a spooky update. This one adds Tanslyvania to your world tour and you'll get to surf through spooky castles and dense forests. There's also a new werewolf costume.

Drive Ahead! Drive Ahead

Gladitorial car battler Drive Ahead is also getting in on the October action with a pumpkin spider boss which combines my two nightmares: eight-legged insects and squashes.

World of Tanks World of Tanks

Isn't this game supposed to be, like, historically accurate? Oh well, this update sees a pair of absurd tanks fighting on a nightmarish battlefield, complete with floating pedestals and demonic rocks. Which will you choose?

Disney Crossy Road Disney

This update adds a bunch of characters from Nightmare before Christmas. I mean, duh. What other Disney movie would they pick? The Good Dinosaur? No one wants that.

PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Tuber

And finally, who knows more about timing content for SEO friendly traditions than internet content creators? Tuber Sim gets limited time halloween items and masks.

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Mark Brown
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