10 tips and cheats for PewDiewPie's Tuber Simulator - How to get views, subs, and internet fame

The best kind of fame

10 tips and cheats for PewDiewPie's Tuber Simulator - How to get views, subs, and internet fame

So, YouTube juggernaut PewDiePie just came out with a new video game.

This one lets you sample the exciting life of being a YouTube superstar. Which mostly means watching progress bars fill up, waiting for things to be delivered, and never feeling the warm touch of human contact.

It's basically a clicker, if we're being honest. But, like any clicker, there are ways to game the system in your favour and get more views, subs, brains, and bux.

Here's our first guide, offering some handy tips on how to be a Tuber super star.

Focus on a topic Focus

When you're starting out, you should focus on one video topic. There are ten to pick from: animals, beauty, comedy, dark, gaming, lifestyle, music, nature, science, and sport.

It doesn't matter which, just choose one.

From here, only buy items and unlock upgrades that corresponds to that topic. This will massively boost the views you get for that type of video and there's a good chance that you'll be able to make a video on that topic most of the time.

Upgrade other topics later

Once you have levelled up, earned a bunch of views, and unlocked some better objects you can quickly get a lot of points in a second or third video topic.

Simply purchase a high level prop for a different category to get a big boost. So if you buy a level four animals object you can go from level one to level four in pets videos in just one purchase. Smart!

Always buy props Props

Pointless objects like rugs might look nice, but stuff that will help you make better videos are better.

Look for the icons on the store page to make sure you're buying props that boost your skills in your topic of choice.

You should wait until you're rolling in Markiplier-level cash before splashing out on nice looking junk to make your room look nicer.

Double up your trends

Don't get too hung up on trends. It's not always worth following them if you can get a bigger boost from a video on your specialist topic we talked about previously.

However, if you are able to make a video that is about two of the trending topics then do it. The boost stacks, giving you a sizeable influx of views.

How to discover trends Trends

Oh, you want to know how to discover the day's trends? That's easy.

Just make videos on all sorts of different subjects and once you've made a video on a trending subject you will have discovered it and the trend will appear on the top bar.

Make the most of it: the trends will change tomorrow.


Streaming is part of the knowledge tree, and allows you to get views even when you're not making a video or playing a game.

Dump some brains in this area to get rewards when you're doing other stuff, like pooping or watching YouTube.

Streaming only lasts for 60 minutes when you're not playing though, so make sure you come back, get the bonus, and restart the clock.

You can unlock the "stream longer" when you've maxed out your stream research and hit 5,000 subs

Get that eagle! Eagle

Stick around on the main screen while you're waiting so you're there to tap on the sponsored eagle when it flies past.

Its special gift usually contains views, but sometimes subs and even bux.

You can watch an ad to triple the prize. That's good for subs but might not be worth it for views if you've got other stuff to do.

Play Puggle

Like playing Puggle! This mini-game only appears when you are having a new object delivered and it's worth playing a few times.

Not only does it speed up your deliveries but you can sometimes get bux and there are quests that involve playing many games of Puggle.

Watch the right ads Ads

There are lots of ads you can watch to boost stuff, but the most important is the one on the "make a video" screen. Watch this to increase the views on your video for an hour.

Keep that one going or you're just throwing YouTube views down the drain.

Don't cheat!

So you can cheat the system by setting your device's clock forward, which will unlock the daily challenge, open tomorrow's quests, finish your current delivery and video, and give you the streaming bonus.

However, developer Outerminds warns that this can screw up your game and so you probably don't want to do that. Right?

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown spent several years slaving away at the Steel Media furnace, finally serving as editor at large of Pocket Gamer before moving on to doing some sort of youtube thing.