Peridot brings generative AI to the game to make gameplay even more realistic

Peridot brings generative AI to the game to make gameplay even more realistic

Within the last year, the use of artificial intelligence has significantly risen thanks to the advent of models such as ChatGPT and other generative AI. We’ve come a very long way from Tamagotchis, Nintendogs, and Neopets. Niantic is also tapping into the rise of generative AI in their virtual pet-themed game, Peridot.

With the latest update, Peridot has become the first fully augmented reality title to use generative AI for the creation of virtual creatures called Dots. These adorable and hyper-realistic creatures are really smart and can react in unexpected and delightful ways to their surroundings just like any real pet would.

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Just like you don’t know how your puppy will react to a random cat on the street, the Dots manage to emulate this varied response very well. Some may growl and bark, while others will chase after it. They may steal or bite from leftovers next to them or they could see it as a toy and just roll around in them.

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The entire goal is to mirror the unpredictability of pets in these virtual ones, so they feel more like their real-life counterparts. Seeing Dots give unique and unexpected reactions to new objects they come across is absolutely adorable. Peridot was already the first fully AR game, and now the use of generative AI enriches the experience much more.

This update is a great example of what the future of gaming holds as AR and AI are proving to be very powerful tools. Without it, the developers would have had to manually script reactions to certain objects, but this has been extremely simplified with the use of generative AI. Now, there are a much greater number of behaviours that the Dots can exhibit on encountering new stimuli.

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Tanish Botadkar
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