AMA's endless-flyer Panic Flight swoops onto Android

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AMA's endless-flyer Panic Flight swoops onto Android
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Cloud-busting casual one-tap title Panic Flight has just swooped onto the Google Play Store.

Following in the flight path of Halfbrick's extremely successful Jetpack Joyride, AMA's free-to-play Android aircraft extravaganza sees you guiding a plane towards power-ups and away from danger.

Controlling the craft is as simple as dragging your finger up and down the screen.

Eye in the sky

During our preview of the game last month - which contains 18 missions and several international locations - our man in the air Will Wilson praised its strong presentation and incentive-driven gameplay.

In fact, with its eight flyable planes, Facebook and Twitter integration, and structured campaign mode, Panic Flight stands a good chance of finding its way onto a fair few handsets.

If you fancy taking to the skies, you can download Panic Flight free of charge from the Google Play Store now [download].

iOS, Windows Phone, and Java gamers, meanwhile, can look forward to boarding Panic Flight in the near future.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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