Pac-Man Championship Edition chases onto mobile

The dot-muncher's triumphant return

Pac-Man Championship Edition chases onto mobile

Earlier in the month I exasperatedly loaded yet another Pac-Man game onto my mobile for review, and was blissfully surprised to see what a massive difference the Championship Edition had managed to make to the original arcade classic.

The dynamically evolving mazes and variety of unique game modes blended around the original gameplay revitalised Pac-Man in a most spectacular way, so it's great to hear the old Puck has just been released.

"Pac-Man is a character adored the world over and the game appeals to people of all ages," says Namco Bandai president Barry O'Neill. "Pac-Man Champion Edition brings very exciting developments to the game and this transition to mobile is a near-perfect mirror of the console version which shows how well mobile can compete as a games platform."

This first-rate re-imagining appeared on Xbox Live back in 2007, and the new mobile iteration is impressively comparable to the console game, as this exclusive Pocket Gamer video demonstrates.

Grab yourself a free demo here, and let us know your thoughts on the dot eater's triumphant return.

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