New Orcs & Elves DS screenshots sneak in

Could it be magic?

New Orcs & Elves DS screenshots sneak in
| Orcs & Elves DS

Since it was hinted at back in January, we've been quite excited at the prospect of playing mobile game classic Orcs & Elves on our DS.

The fantasy RPG game, created by id Software, is currently in development at Fountainhead Entertainment. Publisher EA is promising a dungeon-crawling experience spanning 12 levels, and an award-winning storyline (which follows the plot of the original game).

Playing as a half-elf, the game utilises the DS touchscreen for puzzle solving, using magical powers and overcoming deadly traps. There are also 13 weapons in total – from magical swords to a powerful war hammer – and completely unique, improved monsters.

When we got hands-on with the game earlier in the month, we were decidedly underwhelmed by the game's visuals. Saying they look a bit 'retro' would be a way of putting it kindly, perhaps.

But now you can see them for yourselves, because EA has released six brand new shots of the game. They show, as you'd expect, plenty of dungeon action and a pair of hands grasping all sorts of magical weaponry. And some big ugly monsters, too.

There's still no firm release date stated for Orcs & Elves – it's simply down for winter 2007. Click 'Track It!', though, and we'll keep you up to date on it.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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