Onmyoji: The Card Game - best decks and tips to help you

Onmyoji: The Card Game - best decks and tips to help you

Best decks you can use in Onmyoji and a few basic tips

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With plenty of unique characters and truly amazing graphics, Onmyoji: The Card Game is a game that you should definitely check out, especially if you love titles like Legends of Runeterra and Hearthstone (to name just a few).

Below we are going to take a look at some of the best decks in Onmyoji: The Card Game, so you can try to find something ideal for your play style. Of course, each character comes with their own set of powers and cards, so based on that you can try to put together a unique deck that could have the potential to take down anybody.

However, if you're new at the game and you don't know exactly what characters have good synergies, I'm here to shed some light on that and give you some tips on how to better prepare a deck.

Let's start with a couple of tips, then take a look at some beginner decks, before revealing a couple of the best meta decks for Onmyoji: The Card Game.

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Tip #1: Characters don't exactly die and stay dead - they will revive after a while

As you might know already, if you've played other card games, when one of your main character cards has died, they probably cannot revive without some help (let's say by using a specific card to revive it). In Onmyoji: The Card Game that entire mechanic is different. Your characters will actually never die and stay dead, but instead, if they take lethal damage, they will revive after a few turns.

In that regard, you never have to worry about bringing them back once they've died. All you need to know is how to better use the cards in order to level up your characters and strengthen them, so you will be able to put your opponent's cards on cooldown, thus leaving them unable to do anything.

Tip #2: Keep your healing cards for the later stages

You almost never want to deploy any healing cards early on. You might be tempted to use them only to level up a Shikigami, but please try to avoid that. As a complete beginner, you need to know which of your Shikis should be leveled up first, and what the best way to do so is.

Don't bother with the healing cards in the early stages, because even if a Shikigami dies, they will come back after a few turns. It's better to use the healing cards once you actually need to keep a powerful, upgraded Shikigami alive, instead of trying to level up another.

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Tip #3: Make sure you complete all of your Beginner Trial stages and early story stages before you start PvPing

You should try to complete all the missions you can before actually starting out your ranked games or any other PvP games for that matter. The main reason why you should do this before anything else is because once you complete the Trial stages you will be rewarded with SR cards, which are going to be a great addition to your future decks.

Another main reason why you should focus on your PvE content first is that you'll also get used to your cards, learn what each Shiki's cards can do, and you can also experience other decks that the opponent AI has. Plus, you'll learn how to perfect your playstyle!

Tip #4: SSR cards are great, so don't leave them out of your deck

When you constantly try to summon new cards, at some point or another you're bound to receive an SSR card. No matter if you're a f2p player or not, you should try to accommodate that card into your deck. The SSR card has that rank for a reason, which usually means it's super strong under the right circumstances.

Tip #5: Practice new strategies and new card combos

There might be plenty of deck choices in the list we'll provide, but you should try to play different ones to know exactly what they do and what cards/strategies they provide.

Each time you unlock a new Shikigami, I suggest you give it a try in one of your practice games. Ideally, you want to discover which Shikis have strong synergies and which ones are ideal for your play style.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the best decks in Onmyoji: The Card Game on the next page!
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Yamawaro, Hououka, Yoto Hime, Hakuro

onmyoji card game deck #1 This is a deck that can work great in the early game, and can be extremely powerful in the lower ranked matches. Yamawaro is a great tank in this composition, because he also has piercing damage, and Hakuro is a really good damage dealer.

In the higher ranked matches this deck could fall off, but if you are looking for a fairly cheap early game deck, you could try to go for this one.


Yamawaro: Tenacity x2, Clumsy x2, Hammer Smash x2, Opportunity Bash x2
Hououka: Phoenix Cry x2, Ignite x2, Phoenix Flame x2, Swaying Blaze x2
Yoto Hime: Cursed Blade x2, Foresight Slash x2, Fighting Impulse x2, Flash Blade x2
Hakuro: Perfect Shot x2, Hanare x2, Protection x2, Non-self x2

Karasu Tengu, Yoto Hime, Ichimokuren, Shiranui

onmyoji deck guide #2 This is a powerful deck for the mid-game, but can transition quite well into the late game. You can basically have both offensive and defensive stats with this deck, by using Ichimokuren with Wind Charm: Protect, as well as Wind Charm: Force.

You can also buff him further with Shiranui's Song of Freedom, and with Karasu Tengu constantly gaining damage when moving (with Wind Chase), you will have a strong enough damage for the mid game and possibly late game (if your opponent is still alive).


Karasu Tengu: Wind Chase x2, Justice Shall Prevail x1, Feather Trail x2, Deadly Flock x2, Evolved: Karasu Tengu x1
Yoto Hime: Cursed Blade x2, Fighting Impulse x2, Flash Blade x2, Yoto Kaleido x2
Ichimokuren: Wind Charm: Break x2, Wind Charm: Protect x2, Arcane Winds x2, Wind Charm: Force x2
Shiranui: Song of Truth x1, Song of Freedom x2, Song of Starfire x1, Evolved: Shiranui x2, Dance of Sorrow x2

Kaguya, Takiyasha Hime, Susabi, Kujira

onmyoji tips and decks This is basically a Field deck, which is a mechanic that can have a great synergy with all 4 of these Shikigami. This deck was considered one of the best for quite a while now, but of course there have been quite a few counters to it.

The ability to block and deal quite a lot of damage make this deck one of the best in the mid to late game, so it's definitely worth giving it a shot.


Kaguya: Swallow's Cowry Shells x2, Five Puzzles x2, Buddha's Stone Bowl x1, Dragon Jewel x2, Horai Branch x1
Takiyasha Hime: Moon Slash x2, Castle of the Sun x2, Shadowless Sun x2, Evolve: Takiyasha Hime x2
Susabi: Vast Sea x2, Star Fall x1, Stellar Field x2, Evolve: Susabi x1, Destiny Spiral x2
Kujira: Whale Bone: Station x1, Protection of Suzuka Mountain x2, Scale Protection x2, Whale Bone: Open x2, Area Protection x1

Maestro, Itsumade, Chin, Aobozu

onmyoji card deck #4 This deck is heavily Countdown-focused, and it also features a total of 6 SSR cards, which can be extremely (and I mean extremely!) expensive.

Your goal will be to get Itsumade and Chin's Evolved SSR cards, which will make these Shikigami get their maximum power spike. It's a fairly difficult deck to pull off, but super rewarding when played right thanks to the sheer power it can provide.

IF you don't have the means of getting at least these 4 SSR cards (Evolved: Chin x2 and Evolved: Itsumade x2), then I suggest looking at another deck. Aobozu can be swapped for Yamakaze, so pick whichever one you like most.


Maestro: Sonic Startle x2, Ensemble x1, Evolved: Kagura x2, Maddening Melody x2, Demonic Tune x1
Itsumade: Feather Reborn x2, Dance of the Wind x2, Evolved: Itsumade x2, Wandering Feathers x2
Chin: Feather Regrow x2, Poison Erosion x2, Evolved: Chin x2, Fatal Attraction x2
Aobozu: Buddha Signet x2, Heart of Zen x2, Buddha's Light x2, Sacrifice x1, Dharmic Reveresal x1

or swap Aobozu for Yamakaze: Rapid x1, Power x2, Steadfast x2, Charge x2, Evolved: Yamakaze x1

Itsumade, Umibozu, Aobozu, Bukkuman

tips #5 This is a deck that can be quite forgiving, because it will constantly regen HP. It does require a couple of SSRs, but if you like constant Recovery to all of your units, it could be a very nice deck to play.

When you will evolve Itsumade, you will gain quite a big burst with your Golden Feathers, which can be quite good. You will also use Evolved: Umibozu, which will greatly benefit from the excess healing, turning it into raw power. To top it all off, Bukkuman will come in handy with a bunch of cards that can help you pick exactly what cards you need.


Itsumade: Feather Reborn x1, Dance of the Wind x2, Cascading Feathers x1, Evolved: Itsumade x2, Wandering Feathers x2
Umibozu: Blessed Water x2, Giant Waves x2, Master of the Sea x2, Evolved: Umibozu x2
Aobozu: Buddha Signet x2, Heart of Zen x2, Buddha's Light x2, Sacrifice x1, Dharmic Reversal x1
Bukkuman: Explorer of Worlds x1, Wander x1, A New Page x2, Ink Splash x2, Learned Sage x1, Scroll of Everything x1
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