Watch your friends get thrashed by ONE’s El Aquila

Get in the N-Gage cage and find out

Watch your friends get thrashed by ONE’s El Aquila

Nokia’s really going for it with this new marketing model of releasing micro-sites for its games and products. Following on from Resident Evil: Degeneration’s zombie dating service is a system that lets you put your buddies into a cage match with the evil Mexican wrestler from N-Gage’s hit fighting extravaganza ONE, El Aquila.

There's an online Christmas gimmick knocking around that allows you to upload photos of people’s heads and stick them on dancing elves - and now you can test out your friend’s mettle by pitting them against El Aquila in a similar manner.

Bung their head on the chubby madman’s adversary and watch them get pummelled in a video it automatically creates. Naturally you can then send your micro snuff film around the net so everyone can enjoy watching your mates take a thrashing.

Head on over to the official ONE site to get in the director's chair.

Since El Aquila is the ultimate Mexican wrestler, we thought it’d be worth seeing who won out in a battle between Mexico and Greece (who, after all, invented wrestling). Topical, no?