ONE hits N-Gage store


ONE hits N-Gage store

Like all good violence-bent N-Gage gamers, we've been waiting on pins for the revamped 3D beat-'em-up, ONE, to get its official release.

This ambitious project picked up the IMGA 2007 award for 3D excellence, which shows how long we've been twiddling our idle thumbs, but news has been consistently filtering through to keep us intrigued. Well, it seems the long, long, wait for ONE is finally over.

A fighting game is pretty much a fighting game, but the development team behind ONE went all out to make the experience as authentic as possible. The game uses extensive motion capture from real martial artists, and apparently allows you to adapt your fighting style to the environment.

Also of particular note are the Bluetooth-powered two player game and the world tournament hosted by N-Gage Arena. We definitely agree that beat-'em-ups need two player action to really come alive, so hopefully Nokia's attention to this particular detail will help ONE become the champion of this mobile gaming genre.

Swing by the official page for more info, and if you need convincing, there's a free demo available on the N-Gage site.