PGC 2014: Here's what's in Oceanhorn's huge 'Game of the Year' update

Fishing! New Island! Weather! Side-quests! Ghosts!

PGC 2014: Here's what's in Oceanhorn's huge 'Game of the Year' update
| Oceanhorn

Over at Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki this week, I got the chance to catch up with Cornfox & Bros. creative director Heikki Repo to find out exactly what's coming in the first content update for Oceanhorn.

This action-RPG will gain a brand-new location called the Island of Whispers. This creepy isle, which features a dynamic weather system, is haunted by wandering ghosts.

Your job is to descend into the underground and find out why these lost souls are trapped on the island. There are about two hours of challenging new content and a new boss fight.


Plus, you'll be able to go fishing in Oceanhorn. Once you've got your rod from Tikarel, you can find fish by casting your lure into the ocean. There are different types of fishes on different islands, and even some monster fish that put up a real fight.

Catching fish involves playing a short mini-game. Oh, and different fish react in very different ways. There are also fishing side-quests, and a new global leaderboard to see who's bagged the biggest catch.


All of this is coming very soon in a free update, which will turn Oceanhorn into a "Game of the Year" edition - to celebrate being Apple's Best of 2013 choice in the indie games category and to celebrate getting GOTY nods from various sites (including us).

I also asked for an update on our piece about there not being any plans for Oceanhorn for Android. Sadly, that fact still stands, with Cornfox & Bros. citing low sales of premium games on Google Play as the reason for this stance. Boo.