Ocean Commander invites you to save the world

Stylised side-scrolling shooter coming to DS early next year

Ocean Commander invites you to save the world
| Ocean Commander

How many times have I saved the world now? In game terms, a lot. In real terms… well, I recycle plastic and was once a member of Greenpeace until I was a bit skint one month and cancelled the Direct Debit.

Anyway, another game that gives us chance to save the world for the thousandth time has today been announced by Lexicon Entertainment.

Ocean Commander, due for release on DS (as well as Wii) is described as a stylised side-scrolling shooter and takes place in the year 3011, when the Earth is – to use the scientific term – well and truly screwed.

Mountains and sheets of ice in the Arctic have melted due to global warming and volcanoes under the sea have emerged causing 90 per cent of Earth's continent's to be entirely flooded.

Don't worry though, us clever humans have adapted accordingly; evolving marine technology to adapt to our changing environment, which is now essentially a load of scattered-about islands. We haven't neglected the important stuff, either, and so massive great war submarines have been built and war has been waged against opportunistic alien invaders.

And that's the bit that Ocean Commander focuses on. Just as well, because delivering food parcels to what's left of China doesn't sound half as much fun.

Taking the side of the Earth Federation, you're given a special sub in your fight against the so-called Chaos Empire, the villains of the piece. While the BS-7001A Metal Fin might sound impressive, though, it's actually still under development when you have to jump into it and fight, meaning you need to pick up more weapons and spare parts as you go.

Players get to control these weapons via the DS touchscreen and the game features 21 stages (and the same number of end-of-stage bosses). There are two modes of play – Mission mode and Survival – and the game's maker promises it'll appeal to the hardcore and the casual gamer alike.

Ocean Commander is due for release in early 2009. Get your trigger finger clicking 'Track It!' and we'll keep you updated on any further news that surfaces.
Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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