Get back into the habit (of pain) with new PS Vita port of Nun Attack

Sisters of no mercy

Get back into the habit (of pain) with new PS Vita port of Nun Attack
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Frima Studio's playful 2D shooter Nun Attack is blasting open the doors to The Church of Vita, and will be available to download from the US PlayStation Store today.

In this unholy blaster - originally released for iOS and Android - Frima tells the story of four nuns who are trying to hunt down a runaway sister.

The thing is, this Fallen Nun has opened portals to the realm of evil, and won't stop until she's prised open the gates of Hell.

It's your job, therefore, to put this twisted sister down in the name of God. To do this, you're going to need guns. Lots of guns.

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Nun Attack plays out as a single-screen shooter. Dipping into an arsenal of over 80 different weapons, you must blow your way through hoards of skeletons, werewolves, and other unholy abominations.

For the Vita version of Nun Attack, Frima has given the graphics a bit of a polish and tweaked the difficulty to compensate for the removal of the in-app purchase system.

While we approved of Nun Attack's excellent visuals and sense of humour on 'droid, we must confess to being a little put off by the repetitive gameplay.

However, if you want to give this Vita convert a try, US customers can download it from the PlayStation Store for $2.99 today. European customers, meanwhile, will have to wait until April 3rd.

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