Nubs' Adventure creator tries out 'Early Access' on Google Play to raise development funds

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Nubs' Adventure creator tries out 'Early Access' on Google Play to raise development funds

IMakeGames is trying something slightly different with its exploratory 2D platformer Nubs' Adventure by releasing it as an "Early Access" title on Google Play [download].

You may not see this as being much different from the many soft-launch titles we get on iOS and Android. And it's not, for the most part.

However, games that are soft-launched are mainly done so in order to test features and get player feedback.

Early Access games also have this purpose. But the difference that comes with using this term is that it also has monetary implications.

Nubs' Adventure

Early Access has been popularised recently by its coinage on Steam. It's a part of the digital PC game store specifically for unfinished but playable games.

People can purchase an Early Access game, usually at a lower price than the finished version, and get instant access to it.

The Nubs' Adventure Early Access is similar to this except it is free to download. So what makes this Early Access and not just another soft-launch game? IMakeGames explained it to us:

"What I think makes the game especially noteworthy is the way I try to gauge people's interest and fund its future development: inside the game, you find a little impersonation of myself and you can buy me a "virtual" coffee by spending a little real-world money (~1 dollar). Essentially, this is my way of doing crowd-funding!"

Nubs' Adventure

Call it what you will, it's unusual for a mobile game studio to raise funds for a game in this way.

And with people becoming increasingly tired of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding efforts for upcoming games, perhaps we'll see more Early Access titles on mobile in the future.

At least with Early Access titles you get something to play, unlike past Kickstarter projects that have crumbled after taking peoples' money.

We'll have to see if this catches on. What do you say: would you purchase an unfinished mobile game to help fund its development and offer feedback?

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