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Ninja Must Die’s latest update cranks up the heat by adding a new ninja in Pepper

Ninja Must Die’s latest update cranks up the heat by adding a new ninja in Pepper
| Ninja Must Die

Pandanda Games has added new story elements, relics, and, most excitingly, a fifth ninja as part of a recent update to its fast paced action autorunner, Ninja Must Die.

The latest update, which dropped last Wednesday, has added some extra spice to the game in the form of a brand new, and very cute, playable ninja called Pepper - a master ninja who boasts devastating Fire Element attacks and an equally fiery temperament to match.

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If you’re yet to try it for yourself, Ninja Must Die brings a distinctive, ink-wash style autorunning experience that sees you constantly jumping, flipping, and slashing through a myriad of fiendishly tricky levels to advance through its dramatic storyline, or climb the leaderboards in its many multiplayer modes.

Along the way you’ll find a host of powerups and shiny collectibles to buff your ninjas in the form of weapons, relics and supporting ninjas, as well as the opportunity to unlock new ninjas to recruit to your cause. Pepper, as the latest ninja addition, brings some new story elements to the game and graceful ninja abilities with her triple jump and Phoenix Flame skill that unleashes a sustained barrage of fire balls.

As part of the latest patch, players will also soon receive some brand new weapon types which are set to arrive on January 18th. Until then, you can discover Pepper's mysterious origins through her side story content which is available to play right now.

Ninja Must Die is a free-to-play game that’s available to download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices.