Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword gets a European release date

Ubisoft sticks to its June forecast. Just

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword gets a European release date
| Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

It's a good day to be a European. Not only has Nintendo confirmed the imminent arrival of three vaguely interesting DS colours, but we've learned that Bangai-O Spirits is getting a European release, and the keenly awaited Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword has got a date we can write in our diaries.

Dragon Sword is a slick-looking Manga-style beat-'em-up controlled almost entirely with the stylus and played in the less usual portrait orientation, with you holding your DS like a book. You fight and interact with the game's vicious little universe using touch-screen gestures.

We reviewed it back in April, and summarised it thusly…

"A fun, inventive slide 'n' slash action game that doesn't get everything right, but stays true to the way of the ninja with satisfying combat and beautiful visuals".

If that sounds like your kind of thing, get your pre-order in now. The game's due out on June 27th.