Japan gets Phoenix Wright branded DSi bundle

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Japan gets Phoenix Wright branded DSi bundle

As the DSi launches in the UK, our Japanese gaming counterparts hear news that Nintendo’s new handheld hardware update will be getting a dandy Phoenix Wright laden ‘Premium Edition’ bundle from Capcom.

The idea is presumably to celebrate/shamelessly promote the forthcoming addition to the popular lawyer-based Ace Attourney adventure game, Gyakuten Kenji.

As well as a nicely painted box and the bundled game, the DSi itself will be screen printed with the Ace Attourney’s logo, so everyone knows what a cool Phoenix fanboy you are while gaming out and about.

The bundle goes on sale on May 28th according to Kotaku, and weighs in at ¥23,940, or £163. Considering the console costs £150 over here already, that’s not a bad price – though I wouldn’t expect such a bargain to hit our shelves any time soon.