App Hall of Fame curates the best iPhone games and downloads

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App Hall of Fame curates the best iPhone games and downloads

Need a new way to find the very best apps? Hunt out the creme of the crop, separate the wheat from the chaff? A brand new website, the App Hall of Fame, hopes to do just that.

A select group of smart app hunters - including Pocket Gamer's own American review machine Tracy Erickson, and ex-Pocket Gamer jack-of-all-trades Stuart Dredge - get together to decide on the iPhone's very best apps.

Each month, the committee picks 12 games and apps - new or old - that are wonderful and special and awesome. October's selection includes the likes of Angry Birds, Flight Control, and Doodle Jump, alongside apps like Pandora, Evernote, and Instapaper.

Right now, the site's focusing on iPhone and iPod touch, but iPad and Android apps will likely be inducted into the hall in future months.

It's also backed by promotional company Flurry. Each app that's inducted gets a $1000 boost of Flurry credit, for adverts and the like.

If you want slightly more up-to-date recommendations on games to get, you've also got Pocket Gamer's own reviews, or those on our sister site Qi, which generates top-rated app leaderboards.