New Star Cricket tips - How to get into the swing of things

Batting, bowling, and fielding advice

New Star Cricket tips - How to get into the swing of things
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New Star Cricket is out now on iOS, and fans of New Star Soccer will be familiar with its blend of swipe-based game phases and light management.

Cricket fans who haven’t played NSS are in for a treat, as there’s a surprising amount of depth to this ostensibly simple sports sim.

Indeed, like NSS before it, we reckon even non-sports fans can enjoy New Star Cricket. Think of it as finely honed physics puzzler with light strategy and management game elements mixed in.

If you’re walking into the game blind, it will likely seem a little bewildering. Here are some initial tips to get your cricket career off to a swinging start. We’ve broken these up into the appropriate phases of play, as each area has its own series of rules and techniques.


  • Hit the ball just after it bounces for maximum power when going for a long hits.
  • When it comes to picking a direction, go for the shortest route to the visible boundary that isn’t covered by a fielder.
  • Striking plum in the middle of the ball will get you the most power, but otherwise you should generally hit high on the ball rather than low to avoid giving away an easy catch.
  • Sometimes the field is very well covered, and there’s no easy route to the boundary. You can still score up to four runs by placing the ball far away from the fielders, but keeping the ball on-screen, which is one instance where a lofted shot might come in useful.
  • Physics plays a part here - shots behind your batsman will always lack power compared to lateral or sideways shots, so placement is especially important here.
  • Striking the ball aggressively uses up more of your energy, but it also makes your team play better.


  • Start swiping in the opposite direction just before you reach the crease - your momentum will carry you over.
  • It takes time for the bowler’s throw to reach the wicket, so you can often squeeze an extra run out of the process if you leave the crease just before the throw.

  • Remember, there are no prizes for hitting the centre of the green spot, so aim for the edge nearest the wicket (or fielder) to give yourself less to do on the spin front.
  • Just because there’s a fielder, doesn’t mean you have to aim for them! If it’s as easy to go straight for the wicket, you may want to do that - especially as the fielder may drop the ball.

  • Keep your opening movements gentle and fairly neutral, as you may need to shift severely to either side.
  • Once you’ve got the ball, keep an eye on the batsman - you usually have more time than you think to line up your throw.

  • Hold well below the hands so that you have an unobstructed view of the ball.
  • Move the hands slightly high and to the middle of the screen so you reduce the travel time.
General management tips

  • Concentrate on your batting skills first and foremost - they will have the biggest immediate effect on your game.
  • Ask for a new contract as soon as you level up the first time. Also, always try and renegotiate your contract. The strength of your relationship with your boss should determine how often you can attempt this, but don’t be afraid to drop this bar to around the half way point or even below - you’ll soon rebuild it with good play.
  • Unless you have full or nearly full energy, use it up on training exercises in between games, then spend on an NRG drink to get you ready for the match. Otherwise, there’s some benefit in going consecutive matches without spending anything in order to save up for a new bat or staff member.
  • Got any tips of your own for your fellow New Star Cricket players? Do share them in the comments section below.
  • When you get the option to choose between two relationship-boosting activities, it’s generally a good idea to strengthen the weakest one. If anything, though, the relationship with your team mates should be the priority, as this gives you the most opportunities to excel in matches.
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