Polish iPhone boardgame Neuroshima Hex reduced to £1.79/$2.99

Updated with 23 new achievements and a couple of armies

Polish iPhone boardgame Neuroshima Hex reduced to £1.79/$2.99
| Neuroshima Hex

Six weeks after its last price reduction, Polish tactical boardgame Neuroshima Hex for iOS is back on sale and packing some fresh puzzling content.

The objective in Neuroshima Hex is to destroy your opponent's base by chipping away at its 20 hit points.

Using randomly dealt hexagonal tiles, units (soldiers with their own in-depth strengths and weaknesses), status effects, and modifiers, your aim is to remove opposition tiles with your own.
The Joy of Hex

In this latest version 1.30, there are new armies in New York and Neojungle for you to command, along with 23 new achievements to pursue.

Bugs such as incorrect calculations in the final scoring, problems in Facebook and Twitter, as well as issues with disabled tiles after pressing Undo on iPad, have all been eradicated.

The last time Neuroshima Hex was on sale, the promo lasted for four days, so catch it while you can for £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39 on the App Store.

Michael McNally
Michael McNally
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