Myst to settle on PSP

Get set to point-and-click like Delboy ordering in an Italian restaurant

Myst to settle on PSP
| Myst

Myst, probably one of the most controversial games ever released, is coming to PSP.

The game sees you plonked on a deserted island, with no instructions as to what you should do next, and no-one else in sight.

By pointing-and-clicking your way around the various locations of the island (represented by static images, rather than full 3D graphics) and solving simple-to-near-impossible puzzles, you gradually unlock the island's secrets.

Doesn't sound too controversial, does it? Hardly whacking a homie in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Cities?

The thing is, Myst wasn't really a conventional game when it was first released ten years ago (on PC, as pictured above), and its slow pace and picture postcard style graphics are even less like most games nowadays. And that gets some hardcore gamers' blood boiling.

Of course, that's exactly why other people love it. Myst and its sequels are particular popular with those who don't usually play games, who find particular pleasure in its slow-burning storytelling and subtle emotional lever pulling.

Basically, if you read Pocket Gamer for the puzzle and quiz game reviews and shy away from the gunfights and bike racing, this could be the game for you.

If so, we'd advise you not to read too many previews or Wikipedia articles elsewhere before getting hold of the UMD. Most of the pleasure in Myst comes from discovering what on earth you're meant to be doing.

Sure, we could explain what the puzzles, mazes and weird contraptions on the island are for, but you wouldn't thank us for it when you play. Just click "Track it!" above to hear when we review it, and then go on your way.