Midway brings Myst to DS

Surely the natural place for a point-and-click adventure

Midway brings Myst to DS
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Twelve months ago, we were excitedly telling you about Midway's then just announced PSP version of Myst. Now we're moving on a platform to inform you that the publisher is planning to release a version for the DS. Quite what took them so long something of a mystery.

But then, what could be more appropriate for an adventure game that, somewhat before its time, provided a Lost-esque island world of liars, red herrings, complex puzzle mechanisms and underhand dealings?

Myst's proposed resurrection on the buoyant DS also seems well considered as it was a game lauded (and let's not forget also hated) for its massmarket appeal. After all, this is a game where you can't die, but can get very frustrated as you try to manipulate static images, dragging and dropping the items therein to solve various puzzles as you make your way through themed environments or Ages.

As for the DS version, Midway is promising the game code has been completely rewritten for the dual screen and stylus interface, while new sounds, effects and video clips are all present and correct. In addition, the Rime Age, which originally featured as a bonus level in the realMyst re-issue, is also included.

Myst DS is due for release sometime in November. We'll return with more details of this (and the PSP version) as soon as we have some.