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Solve cosmic puzzles in ZPLAY’s new match-three game Mr. Catt

Ground control to Mr. Catt

Solve cosmic puzzles in ZPLAY’s new match-three game Mr. Catt

Tile-matching puzzle games have been popular ever since Tetris literally laid down the building blocks. And now thanks to ZPLAY the genre has a new feline companion called Mr. Catt.

You play as a black cat on a great journey to light up the stars and to find the white feline that disappeared into the night.

Game play involves completing self-contained stages of tile-matching puzzles, arranging blocks by colour in groups of 3or more to clear them. Special blocks help you clear the screen in fewer moves, and the bigger the combo the higher your score. There are 3 episodes in the story altogether, with over 300 stages to complete.

The graphics will charm your paws off, with glittering illustrations and subtle animations to enjoy as you move between stages in the mission map.

The soundtrack is also nocturnal and peaceful, giving everything a meditative feel – differentiating the game from manic puzzle contemporaries such as Candy Crush Saga.

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So if you feel like getting your claws into something new, Mr. Catt is available for free on Google Play.