Development on Monument Valley 3 is about to begin

The hunt for a Game Director begins

Development on Monument Valley 3 is about to begin
| Monument Valley 2

Ustwo Games has today announced that Monument Valley 3 is now in the works. The search for a new Game Director has begun, and it’s all terribly exciting. The Monument Valley series is of course one of the most acclaimed in all of mobile games, so while the announcement of a third entry isn’t all that surprising, it’s still very pleasant news indeed.

The announcement arrived over Twitter when the team put up a job listing looking for a new Game Director to lead its creative vision. If you feel qualified, what’ve you got to lose by sending an application over? Here’s the link for that.

Ustwo has previously talked about having multiple games in development, and this tweet confirms that they’re working on three separate titles. What the other two might be isn’t yet known, but we’ll be sure to fill you in as more info emerges.

We’ve played, enjoyed, and reviewed both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2. They’re smart perspective-shifting puzzlers that mix accessible gameplay with wordless, affecting narratives. While the second game was well received, I do remember quite a few people complaining about the lack of expansion over its predecessor. Hopefully the third game will do more to set itself apart.

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In the meantime, all we can do is sit back and think about it as there’s really not much to go on right now. Look for this one on both the App Store and Google Play at some point over the year or two, maybe. Who knows?

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