Monster Mayhem heads up Chillingo's wave of zombie games

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Monster Mayhem heads up Chillingo's wave of zombie games
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Is Chillingo a zombie publisher?

Well, in the context, we'd have to say yes, as it has four zombie themed games on their way to the App Store.

Monster Mayhem was released today, putting a twist on the castle defence genre. Zombies are trying to escape from the graveyard, and it's your job to stop them before they break down the gate.

There's a huge variety of zany weapons, including the flamethrower, lightning strikes and bombing runs. Play through the Campaign mode, or take on Endless mode for a chop 'til you drop style of play.

Each of the 20 monsters has unique strengths and weaknesses, so you'll need to use the most appropriate weapons to get the best results.

The Crystal social network keeps track of all your stats and provides leaderboards and achievements to aim for.

Check out the trailer below for what to expect.

Good, zombie crushing fun. Monster Mayhem is available from the App Store for $1.99 / £1.19 / €1.59.

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The following three Chillingo zombie titles are coming to the App Store soon. Zombie Wonderland is a zombie defence/time management mash-up, in which players protect the residents of Niceville against multiple zombie attacks, whilst cleaning up the mess between each wave.

Pro Zombie Soccer is an arcade-style decapitator with a football theme. Using your Super Soccer Powers, dropkick balls into the faces of zombies and knock their heads off. Take that, army of the undead!

Finally, the fourth release in the zombie attack is Zombie Escape.

Taking a top-down view over the city, help citizens escape the staggering dead by tracing a path to the extraction helicopters. Use a variety of weapons to bomb zombies who get too close to your friends and safe the whole city from the zombie apocalypse.

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